Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, employees around the world have settled into the rhythms of mandatory remote work. From being a green company to having an edge in recruitment and improving diversity, the benefits of flexible working arrangements for companies can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Happier Healthier Teams

Kick your team’s dreaded commute to the curb and give them time back in their day with access to a flexible, low costs workspace closer to home. Findings from the National Remote Working Study by NUIG show that although 49% of respondents had never worked remotely before, 92% want to continue working remotely some or all of the time post-Covid-19. Offering flexibility to your employees improves their satisfaction in their job. That results in improved employee happiness, reduced staff turnover and a workforce which is highly-driven to help your business achieve its goals.

Attract Talent 

Extend your employer brand’s reach and get access to new talent pools that were once out of reach. No longer limited to competing for talent locally, companies can now gain immediate access to more and better talent that knows no geographic bounds. Additionally, it makes it easier for your organisation to retain talent by being open and able to accommodate employees that want or need to move out of the area.

Ultimate Flexibility

Opt for a 30 day rolling contract that gives you the freedom to easily scale up and scale down your network or simply move your member’s home locations. Flexible plans give your team members the access they need, when they need it, how they need it. Choose from part time, full time, and private office plans, and mix and match based on what your team members need.

Cost Reductions

As a company, you have the opportunity to save on overhead costs. Renting a smaller office, for example, translates to lower electricity and water bills. In the case of coworking, companies eliminate high, long-term lease agreements altogether. 


Reduced commutes of all of your employees to a main office means reduced carbon footprint in your organization. Take another step towards a greener business by enabling your employees to work closer to home.


NoCo is Ireland’s largest workspace network, giving your team access to over 100 workspaces with unlimited flexibility. NoCo connects your team to a network of close-to-home workspaces across Ireland, with one membership;

  1. Sign your team up to one of our part time, full time or private studio plans based on their individual needs.
  2. Select your team’s local workspaces from our network of over 100 partner spaces across Ireland.
  3. Leave it to us to onboard your team into their local workspaces providing a seamless day one experience.
  4. Easily manage your network with a simple predictable flat rate per member pricing, ultra flexible 30 day contract and dedicated support team.

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NoCo is Hub & Spoke Real Estate Platform. We offer private workspace to corporate clients based in Dublin city centre through a network of locations in commuter towns enabling employers to attract talent, retain their best people and manage where they work.

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