While there has been an enormous shift in what is considered a ‘normal’ work environment since the pandemic began and the lockdown was implemented around the world, what is the future likely to look like?

It is looking increasingly likely that large commercial offices will have no future in a society practising social distancing measures and this appears to be making room for a more hybrid workspace. Co-working centres and enterprise hubs are gaining more popularity as employers look to create a solution for their workers that supports both a remote-working and office-style work environment.

Businesses will need to strategise their operations in such a way that they accommodate all members of staff and give them a degree of freedom. Many workers crave that atmosphere of an office filled with people, and so the sudden movement to working from home has had an adverse effect. Not all people have a comfortable spare room with great home internet, for a lot of people, the journey to and from the office each day is much needed personal time. Companies need to recognise this.

The likelihood is that this is an adapt or die scenario. The businesses who work hard to accommodate their employees can thrive in this new era of remote working, but those who fail to move fast will risk losing their staff to the more innovative businesses offering hybrid spaces.

People are beginning to innovate and think outside of the box when it comes to hybrid solutions, and change is surely coming. Will businesses will adapt and continue to grow? Or will we see mass disruption and exodus in companies who refuse to shift from traditional office practices?


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