Is Remote Working Set To Become A Mandatory Offering By Employers?

As of writing, it has been agreed that Ireland will enter a Level 3 lockdown, as measures to stem the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic continue. This comes approximately 7 months after the initial lockdown in March of this year that saw a massive volume of workers adapt to a new work-from-home set-up which has become more and more of a “new normal” as the Summer has been and gone.

Talent acquisition may have been put on hold for some companies, particularly those which have been more adversely affected by the pandemic-related lockdown measures such as the travel, hospitality, and food and beverages industries. For a lot of tech companies, the hiring process has remained unaffected to a degree, at least with regards to annual volumes of onboarding. What has changed, though, are the job specifications offered to new starts as people have acclimatised themselves to their remote working set-up, they may not want to change anytime soon.

According to Donna Shliechkorn, Talent Acquisition Manager, writing recently for Forbes said;

“By offering remote work, companies open their doors to a plethora of candidates, including stars and A-players who are only willing to work remotely. Corporations can expect to increase ROI because, let’s face it, what star employee doesn’t want to lead, drive results and stay for the long term?

We are in an age of transformation. By utilizing the resources that we have, all business sectors can begin to work with safety and care at the forefront, while remaining flexible with the ever-evolving world that we live in.”

Now is not the time to be haggling over the finer details, now is the time to focus on what matters, and that is maintaining the synergy within corporations that allow for successful relationships to grow and for businesses to scale. If people prefer working from home, and it has no effect on their overall productivity, let them.”

Despite a lot of people currently looking for new employment following the domino-like collapse of SME’s around the world, perhaps a degree of leverage remains in the hands of the truly adept among them. With an impressive skill set comes a certain amount of bargaining power, and with good talent in such high demand, these workers can very well demand that their work contract is 100% remote.

For companies hiring for serious corporate positions, where the number of candidates will be notably less, it is likely that companies will need to have a somewhat flexible protocol when it comes to employees working from home. They simply cannot afford to be anything other than flexible.