1. They Need The Escape

For many members of the workforce, our occupation represents not only a vehicle for earning money and making a living for ourselves but much more. Our jobs can be identified as a method of release. Even for those who don’t necessarily enjoy their job, the pure peace and quiet of the commute is a fantastic soother for any emotional stress that builds up from being stuck at home.

Escaping the chaos of family life, dealing with young children, and unpleasant housemates is a necessity for a lot of people. Working from home may be convenient, and it may save tonnes of cash from transport costs, but it is torture for a lot of folks!

  1. They Miss Their Colleagues

Everyone is becoming more and more exasperated by the day with consistent Zoom meetings that seem to have lost their purpose. Seeing the same faces every day is not the same when it is on your computer screen and you’re in your pyjamas. 

It isn’t even that offices are full of fun and enjoyment, for a lot of people, they simply miss having someone they can complain about work with. Going for a coffee or a cigarette break just doesn’t feel the same when you’re not with your work best-friend and can have a laugh while discussing potential lunch destinations.

  1. They Crave Routine

Sure, a lot of workers have managed perfectly fine operating from their kitchen table, but sitting down in your office desk every morning has become a fond memory of sorts, even for those who have seen their productivity increase.

According to a recent report on hibob.com, “46 % of high productive WFH employees want to join the office to get back into their regular work routine.”

A schedule defends from chaos and whim as they say! As crazy as it sounds, what people truly want is to go back to their long commutes, and dull office environments, because it is what they’re used to.

  1. It Represents Normalcy

Having survived over 6 months of a global pandemic, the working population is exhausted. Elements of everyday life we had taken for granted previously we are now desperate to have back. 

Despite feeling like the world is on the brink of descending into anarchy at any given moment, people have persevered. That said, many people just want a win of some sort. Returning to the office illustrates success in the return to normal life, and in many ways, the first step back into the office will be an emotional one.

Despite significant reports of improved productivity from WFH employees, there is a longing for the office that not many of us could have predicted. We just want our lives back, the way they were, and to be honest, its hard to argue with that!


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