As we entered yet another national lockdown here in Ireland it appears that more people than ever will be working remotely for the foreseeable future. This has its advantages and disadvantages however it would appear that many workers have had enough of working from home and are desperate to get back into the office.

Are company offices a thing of the past?

The emergence of remote working has raised the question of whether company office spaces are really necessary in the modern world. With much of what these office spaces replicated relatively easily from home, it may appear at first glance that the way forward is to encourage as many workers as possible to work remotely. However, while some aspects of office working can be replicated, some extremely important elements cannot. The social life of a busy office space is something that cannot be replaced or imitated at home and this is something that has become increasingly evident during the pandemic in Ireland, especially within younger workers. Furthermore, the small changes such as meeting in person rather than on a zoom call, can be more important than first thought, as managers and employers will feel they can motivate their employees more effectively when they are face to face.

Broadband issues thorn in the side of working remotely

A major issue discovered in association with remote working has been the lack of strong broadband connections in locations around the country, especially in rural areas. The frustration of a slow or weak network connection can not only be extremely stressful for a busy employee, but can also cause delays to work being completed which in turn is detrimental to the success of the business’ overall performance. While many employees will have a strong internet connection, those that do not may see their productivity and reputation as a worker suffer because of this. Furthermore, it is likely that neither the employee or employer will be willing to pay for a stronger broadband connection in the employees home, leaving a return to office working, even if socially distanced, the most beneficial solution for both parties. 

Flexi office space the Future of Office Working

The working world has been greatly impacted by the covid-19 pandemic and it is likely that office working will never be the same again. The option of flexi office space may be the way forward for many companies as it will allow employees to avail of an individual office space as well as communal desks and other areas in order to be as efficient as possible in their efforts to better the company they work for. Although flexi office space appears to be an excellent option for the future, it must be taken into consideration the restrictions of covid-19 that may not allow these office spaces to be used as freely or frequently as possible. This will take away from the benefits of these new office designs however the long term advantages will remain and will likely bring greater productivity and success to businesses for years to come.